About me


In order to understand how species, communities and ecosystems are influenced by anthropogenic pressures and an increasingly stochastic environment, scientists need to establish baselines and understand the factors that control animal behaviour, distribution and survival. I am a marine ecologist with a broad interest in the ecology and conservation biology of marine predators. Much of my research has involved establishing baseline data. Specifically, the main thrust of my research effort in recent years has been to develop a unique and multidisciplinary project on the little studied populations of southern sea lion and South American fur seals breeding at the Falkland Islands. Please see my RESEARCH page for further project details.

My qualifications include a Postgraduate Certificate in Veterinary Studies, Conservation Medicine (Murdoch University). A brief version of my CV can be downloaded here. I am currently a Senior Research Fellow at the South Atlantic Environmental Research Institute, Falkland Islands and an Honorary Associate at Macquarie University, Sydney.

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